Ani Buckland

Sculptor – Artist

SelfieAni Buckland is sculptor and artist living and working in the South Hams, Devon, an American by birth and British by residency. Working mainly in clay, her sculpture is predominantly figurative.

Her professional life as an artist was dedicated as an art psychotherapist (1984-2005) in NHS Adolescent and Family Mental Health Services, followed by a part time freelance practice, a profoundly engaging and challenging experience.

It has been an enormous pleasure for the artist to be able to pursue her passion for studying figure sculpture in the last decade. Beginning with life drawing, she then began working in the round with clay, wax or plaster and scrim with a live model, and may develop and finish a work using photographs. She finds that sculpture offers an infinitely complex and fascinating experience. The beauty of human and living forms are deeply engaging and inspiring, providing a limitless and gratifying means for self-expression , communication and celebration. Her most recent interest is in bringing into form the characters of fairy tales.

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