Anna Ventura

Inkwork artist – Acrylic artist – Pastel artist

IMG_5169Anna Ventura is an artist and designer born in Barcelona currently residing in Devon, where she works from her home studio. Besides creating, Anna also loves to organise exhibitions such as the collection of events by the Creative Collective.

She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona specialising in graphic design and carried out her final project in Illustration at The University of Plymouth. She is well skilled in most classic art media as well as having a deep understanding of print design, reaching a professional knowledge that combines a unique mix of artistic flare and digital language that enable her to apply her creative skills to different ranges of modern art and computer projects. All her designs are highly tasteful and well thought through, understanding the relationships between the public and the piece of graphic work, whether computer or handmade.

She has been developing her own business and brand since 2013, Ventura Creative Projects, that is the collection of artwork and design projects by the artist. Ranging from inkwork originals and limited edition prints to paintings in different media, including a collection of hand painted jewellery. And of course, her portfolio of bespoke digital graphic work.

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